No Joining Fee
Full access to the gym
Free parking and bike racks

Concessions available for armed forces, NHS staff, Police, Fire Service and Students

Gym Equipment

5 x Olympic Platforms

(3 heavy/3 light)

2 Complete Sets of Unisex Jordon Dumbells

2 Full Sets of Wolverson and Jordon Kettlebells


Beaver-fit Rig


5 x Full Power Frames


Elite Olympic Lifting, Power and Hex  Bars


3 x Dual Adjusted Pulleys

5 x Adjustable Benches


1 x Techno Gym Bench Press


Ski Erg


Pro/Trainer Watt Bikes


Prowler Sledge and Track


Plate Loaded and Selectorised Machines


Cardio Equipment

Your Team

Whatever time of day you wish to train there will always be a qualified trainer in the gym to oversee training and ensure you are supported to achieve your goals.

Due to the extensive experience and background of our trainers, the Gymnasium has equipment that no other gym in Norwich uses or has.

The Gym

Showers and Changing Facilities

Fre Wifi

Free parking and Bike Racks

Complete Fitness Branded Gym Items

Nutritional Snacks Vending Machine

Member Benefits



Simon Hill
Head Honcho

I came into the sports industry after 22 Years in the Royal Air Force Regiment, before leaving the Royal Air Force, I spent time as a sportsman for various rugby clubs such as Newport Gwent Dragons, Leicester Tigers, representing The Crawshays RFC, The Royal Air force and Combined Services RFU, which allowed me to play on the International stage. Following a move into coaching, I coached the RAF, Combined Service Rugby and head Coach at Norwich and Diss RFC. I was also fortunate enough to train and compete at Bobsleigh, Powerlifting and skiing.

My style of training is a blend of Military fitness training from the Forces, rugby, skiing, bobsleigh and powerlifting and mixes it Sports therapy, nutritional Therapy, strength and conditioning coaching, with the added Psychology and personal development training, I have seen the wide range of learning and training styles, perceptions and abilities, all of these are adaptable so you are the best you can be”.

If you are a Time challenged person in need of results, a challenge or require sports rehabilitation and postural correction to top stamina and performance, or an athlete requiring conditioning and development to compete at the top level, then I’m definitely the trainer for you.

Whatever your goals can work with you to achieve this by increasing weight loss, Range of Movement ,health & vitality often where others have tried and failed.

My qualifications are based in rehabilitation, Performance enhancement, Health & wellbeing.

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Paul Haywood

After witnessing the positive effect of healthy living on his own life, body and mind, Paul became an advocate of living a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle. 

Paul pursued education in fitness, always pushing to learn more, becoming certified as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and completing a Diploma in Fitness as a Specialised Exercise Trainer. 

With Paul, clients will get a Trainer that has found ways to prioritise the important life style choices whilst supporting family and work commitments. 

Paul’s ambitious personal drive and high professional standards coupled with a non-judgmental and empathic style enable him to deliver fitness programs, lifestyle and nutrition advice to clients from all backgrounds, and work alongside his clients to achieve their personal goals together.

Paul has been delivering group sessions, one-to-one PT, flexibility training, body composition analysis, lifestyle and nutrition advice for 8 years and brings his own style of delivery to Complete Fitness and the Titan Program.
Kyle Ward

I have been fortunate to be involved in the sports and fitness world from a very young age. In my early days as a kickboxer it became apparent that fitness, flexibility, and mental strength were keys to progressing, and that these are all paramount to standing the rigours of daily life while having the focus and energy to succeed. My focus culminated in my one of greatest achievements of winning bronze medal while representing Great Britain at the 2015 World Championships and being ranked 3rd in the world.


For me, fitness is about a journey that is both challenging and enjoyable. My training will challenge you in a variety of ways, centred around your goals and needs and creating a pathway to achieve and exceed them.


I specialise in one to one PT, bringing all my experience, knowledge and energy into the sessions. I’m also passionate about classes, especially HIIT, Boxing for fitness and circuit training.


I look forward to chatting with you and finding pout more about your goals, needs and perceived limitations, so if you see me about, say ‘Hi’ and lets see where the journey can take us.

MP PIC_edited.jpg
Michael Pugh

My journey into fitness started whilst at university, there I had the opportunity to compete in a wide range of sports that included fencing, volleyball and trampolining.  It wasn’t until training for the British Army that this passion was truly awakened.  I found out how Strength and Conditioning training enhances your mental and physical performance and the benefits to dealing with the stresses that life can put on you.


My style of training is a mix of functional fitness and sports strength and conditioning. I make people fitter, faster and stronger using a mix of general physical programs to keep you fit and maintaining conditioning for all you chosen goals.  I also can deliver specific time-scaled programs for athletes to ensure you are in peak shape for your specific skill set in time for your events.


I’ve trained marathon runners, footballers, golfers, volleyball players and many more into the most refined shape they’ve ever been. I’ve also supported people venturing into their first events, such as your first 5k run or getting back into a sport after an extended break.


For me fitness is discovering what your mind and body is capable of, challenging and celebrating it.  Hitting goals and surprising yourself with how much further you can go !

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