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Complete Fitness Privacy Policy

May 2018


At Complete Fitness we are committed to protecting your privacy and want your association with our gym to be as open and transparent as possible.   The following statement outlines what personal data we collect, what we do with this data and how you can get access to the data we hold.  We believe that in line with our individual approach to your training it is important that you are also aware of what data we collect to help us provide the best experience for you at Complete Fitness.


When do we collect information?


We will obtain personal information from you when you complete a membership agreement.  We also collect data on your progress within the gym if you access our personal training.


What information do we collect?


The types of information we collect include name, address, e.mail address, date of birth, telephone number, bank details, joining date and dates you accessed the gym.  We collect this information to fulfil our contractual obligations to you under the terms of membership,


We also collect information about your goals in joining the gym, your progress if you access personal training and any details about your health which you disclosed.  We process this data under legitimate interest to ensure that we can provide the best experience for you at Complete Fitness. We do not share this information with any third party and is solely used to develop programmes and services.


Please note that we do not store any bank details on our own servers and use a third party provider to process payments.


How do we use this information?


We use your personal information to provide you with the services, products and information associated with your membership of the gym.  We only share your personal information to third party service providers who are contracted to provide services for the gym.  We do not share your information with any external party for marketing or promotional purposes other than that associated with your membership of Complete Fitness gym.


In order for us to keep you updated on events, new services and updates about the gym we will occasionally send you direct e.mails and other means of communication.  We will occasionally process your personal data to make sure we are giving your information which is relevant and we believe of interest to you to achieve your goals as a member of Compelte Fitness.  All members are asked if they wish to receive marketing information when joining the gym and can change this option by contacting the gym direct at any point.  Refusing consent for direct marketing from Complete Fitness will not affect their membership of the gym.


How do we protect personal information?


We use secure servers and also take appropriate measure to ensure that the information disclosed to us is kept secure, accurate and up to date and kept only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it is used.


If you feel that you do not wish to continue having your details kept with Complete Fitness you can request that all your personal information is deleted by contacting the gym both in person or in writing.  Complete Fitness will respond to your request within one month.


You also have the right to access your information held by Complete Fitness at any point either in person or in writing.  You can request to rectify any inaccuracies in the information we hold at any point.




The Data Officer at Complete Fitness is Simon Hill and can be contacted by e.mail 07799884752


Contact details for the gym:


2 Marriot Close,




For further information about the use of personal data please visit the Information Commissioners Office website at

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