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Gym Rules

Gym As a Member at Complete Fitness Gym, you are responsible for how you use of the Gym and facilities. To ensure you are fully conversant with how to use the Gym Safely, effectively and without issue to other gym users. This induction is to ensure that members have the knowledge to effectively  use the facilities i.a.w H&S regulations and risk assessments. 

  1.  Gym Etiquette


  • Only clean and appropriate sportswear and footwear is allowed in the gym.

  • During training all noise and language is to be appropriate to that used in a public area and respect given to other gym users.

  • All trainers and clients should work together to maximise effective and safe use of the gym.

  • All Clients and trainers are to ensure the gym is maintained at the level expected.

  • Chalk powder is not allowed, liquid chalk is allowed

  • Car parking is only permissible in the areas provided, a guide is visible at reception for all clients and staff to adhere to.

  • No bags are permissible in the gym training area.

  • Lockers are to be used and cleared daily.

  • All Free-lance trainer’s clients are to wait for their trainer before using any equipment and are to be under direct supervision of that trainer. 

  • T&C’s are available on the webpage and upon request.

  • Due tp GDPR no use of mobile devices for recording or photographs without prior permission.

    2.  Functional / lightweight training floor/ Boxing area


  • Safety bars are to be used during use of the power frames.

  • No heavy deadlifting (over 100kg) is permitted on the lightweight floor.

  • The rebounder is only to be used by Complete Fitness Staff.

  • No weights are to be lifted near the railings upstairs due to the possibility of them falling.

  • Slam balls are not to be used upstairs due to the noise.

  • If a class is programmed on the gym timetable then the functional floor might not be fully assessable during its progress, the class trainer is to post area’s in use for all to see, members and trainers should seek permission.

  • In case of a fire the floor must be evacuated immediately i.a.w the Gym fire procedures.

  • The Jordon ultimate and Wolverson Elite bars are for use upstairs only.

  • The boxing equipment must be replaced in the appropriate storage area after use.

  • Please be mindful of the noise and the impact on other gym users.


   3.  CV Area


  • The Machines are to be wiped down after use.

  • Do not step on the framework of the Watt Bikes as fragile, only stand on pedals provided.

  4.  Cable Machines

  • Care must be taken using the cable machines, point out trap hazards.

  • Small attachments are to be placed on the hooks on the machines to prevent lose or damage


  5.  Free Weights Area


  • The down stairs frames are for any heavy lifting (over 100kg).

  •  The Jordon power bars and Strength bars are for the down stairs frames.

  • Dumbbells are not to be dropped onto the floor without control.

  • Care must be taken using the pull up attachment’s due to the floor height, there are signs displayed and this is to be pointed out.

  • Due to the ceiling height care is to be taken to avoid any contact with the lighting, no one arm Barbell work to be done in this area.

  • All equipment is to be put back in the correct storage area without exception and in a timely manner.

  • The Bench press bench has a maximum limit of 150 Kg due to the bar catch limit and a spotter is to be in position during use due to no safety bars.

  6.  Power Racks


  •  The power racks are to be used with the safety bars in the correct and safe place without exception. Spotters should be there to assist


  7.  Selected Machines


  • There is a pin on the stack pin to be used to remove it.

  • No additional weights are to be added to these machines.

  • Any suspicious cable appearances are to be reported to a member of Complete Fitness Staff, staff are then to record the issue and to remove from use if applicable, report must be forwarded to the manager without delay.


  8.  Plate Loaded Machines


  • Machines are to be unloaded immediately after use and weights placed back in the appropriate weight storage rack.  

  9.  Barbell plates


  • Plates are not to be placed against the walls

  • Plates are not to be dropped onto any surface due to potential damage and injury

  • Plates are to be placed onto the correct loading point onto weight tree.

  10.  Post Training Procedures, Housekeeping, Clean Down


  • All machines, benches, equipment and surfaces are to be wiped down and cleaned with the disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial spray and dried off.

  •  All rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided.

  11.  First Aid Procedures


  •  All First aid incidents are to be recorded in the incident book and any actions to be recorded and signed by the client and trainer with any further actions also recorded.

  • Any items removed by trainers are to be notified to the management and replaced immediately.

  12.  Fire Procedures


  • The fire evacuation area is located by the wall at the end of the car park, this is to be pointed out on all inductions.

  • All Clients are to leave immediately.

  • The duty Complete fitness Staff member is to ensure the gym is evacuated and to brief emergency staff upon their arrival.

  • There is planned, and unplanned fire evacuation procedures and all clients/trainers are to comply with the duty staff without exception.

  13.  Fault Reporting/ Uncertainty Procedures


  • All clients/trainers are to report any issues to a member of the Complete Fitness team.

  • Any faulty item is to be reported without delay to the management.


  14. Health and Safety Procedures


  • If you wish to see a copy of the Health and Safety Procedures then please contact a members of the team who will be happy to assist


  A copy of the Gym Rules is available at the gym.  Please ask a member of the team to view a copy.

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